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A renowned hotel in the centre of Zurich

Since 1838

Our founder, Johannes Baur, showed true pioneering spirit when he opened his «guest house» in 1838. A lot has changed during the years: we moved closer to the city centre and the guest house turned into one of the most renowned 5 star hotels in Zurich and Switzerland.

Pioneering spirit

Your hosts, the «Savoyans»

  • Your Concierge Team

    Your Concierge Team

    The Wizards of Paradeplatz

    The concierge team at our Zurich hotel, led by Luis Avin, is also known as “the wizards of Paradeplatz”. This title wasn't just handed out: even the most challenging wishes come true.

  • Our Housekeeping Team

    Our Housekeeping Team

    Strong behind the scenes

    They ensure that the stairs to the Beletage shine, before they swiftly whizz over the other levels: the angels of housekeeping.

  • Our Chasseure

    Our Chasseure

    The first Contact

    It’s not a job, but a calling: our Chasseure Team creates a lasting impression when they open their Zurich hotel doors and let you enter an oasis in the middle of the busy city.

  • Our Florist

    Our Florist

    The Savoy in full bloom

    Daily fresh flowers in abundance: our florist lives her passion at the Savoy and delights our guest with lovely floral decorations.

  • Bar Manager with a passion

    Our Bar Manager

    Charles Widmer lives his passion

    Known classics or new creations: old and young gather around Charles Widmer, whose eloquent elegance already made him an institution. Bilanz Hotelrating 2018 "Bar chef of the year"

  • Down-to-earth Chef with good taste

    Our Chef

    With an eye for detail

    Rolf Laible has been loyal to the Savoy for almost 30 years. He and his team make sure the culinary creations at our Zurich hotel are always on trend.

  • Our Lingerie Team

    Our Lingerie Team

    Flawless handicraft

    Sleep on cloud nine at our Zurich hotel. The ladies and gentlemen of our launderette ensure that you get fresh towels and soft linen every day.


In the heart of Europe

Located in the heart of Zurich, we are only a 30 minutes’ drive away from the airport. If you prefer to travel more comfortably, we recommend booking our exclusive limousine service.
Sustainable and stress-free is the train ride to the main station in Zurich. The Savoy Baur en Ville is just two stops on the tram. Enjoy the ride through the vibrant city centre.

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Once upon a time

  • Johannes Baur opens the Baur en Ville


    On the 24th of December 1838, the baker apprentice from Vorarlberg, Johannes Baur (*1795), makes his dream come true and opens the Baur en Ville. Even in 1838, the opening received a lot of attention. One newspaper, Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, wrote a long article about the «Riesengasthof» (huge guesthouse), boasting one dining room, two parlours for dinner and déjeuner â part as well as manger à la carte, 10 more rooms, 140 beds, stables for 36-40 horses and a barn down by the river, fitting 50 more horses.


  • Reconstruction and extension


    In 1907, Jakob Schwarz, the fomer manager, hired Pfleghard & Haefeli for the reconstruction and extension of the hotel. 170 guest rooms were re-opened on the 13th of June 1908. A Zurich newspaper, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, wrote: «The old Baur en Ville, which everyone in Zurich always loved, re-opened rejuvenated and beautified. It will remain an important part of the hotel industry in Zurich and Switzerland and it will prove again its international reputation.»


  • The guild of tanners and shoemakers


    Since 1923, the Savoy Baur en Ville is home of the guild of tanners and shoemakers. The guild was formed in 1336, and in 1877 shoemakers and tanners Joined forces. The guild is all about leather work, shoemaking and repair. The guild celebrated their first «Rechenmahl», a big dinner after an assembly, in the Zurich hotel on the 28th of November 1924.


  • The big rebuild


    The hotel closed from 1975 to 1978 because of reconstruction work. The façade was carefully removed, so they could place it where it historically belonged. Restaurant Orsini and Chäs-Vreneli were fully rebuilt. On the 31st of March 1978, after exactly 26 months, the new Savoy Baur en Ville, a 5-star hotel in Zurich, opened its doors again.


  • 24th of December 2018 – 180-year anniversary


    This Christmas Eve will be even more special than usually: The Grande Dame celebrates her 180th birthday. Today, our 5-star hotel in Zurich consists of 104 rooms and suites and several event venues. Around 170 employees look after our guests every day.